Dominique Afacan

Dominique Afacan

She might have arrived relatively late to the yachting world, but Dominique Afacan, editor-in-chief of Superyacht Life, is making up for lost time. Over the last five years, she has raced at the St Barths Bucket, kissed the America’s Cup in Bermuda and even taken a polar plunge in Antarctica.

Jenny Matthews

By Dominique Afacan | 12 December 2018

Jenny is the first officer on a superyacht based out of Barcelona. She is also the founder of She of the Sea, a platform which helps women in superyachting to connect with each other.


Exploring the oceans by submarine

By Dominique Afacan | 16 November 2018

As Rob McCallum heads off on a record-breaking sub dive, he reflects on the appeal of the big deep.


From superyacht captain to sea shepherd

By Dominique Afacan | 2 November 2018

Years spent at sea prompted David Evans to head off on a memorable environmental mission.


A yacht for business, pleasure and leisure

By Dominique Afacan | 18 October 2018

Jamie Waller is juggling multiple businesses and a busy family life – but he says there’s no better place for it than a superyacht.


Jimmy Cornell

By Dominique Afacan | 11 October 2018

The Romanian-born yachtsman, author and founder of the World Cruising Club recalls six special years spent at sea with his wife and two children.


Dunia Baru delivers earthquake relief

By Dominique Afacan | 26 September 2018

For superyacht owner Mark Robba, helping the local community in times of need is second nature.


John Courtney

By Dominique Afacan | 19 September 2018

The managing director of superyacht toy maker FunAir on his love of the ocean and the destinations still on his family bucket list.


Sails of the century

By Dominique Afacan | 5 September 2018

Innovation and imagination have powered the sailmaking industry – helping superyachts along the way.


Seeking healthier waters in Menorca and beyond

By Dominique Afacan | 16 August 2018

Sunseeker and Blue Marine join forces for Project Menorca, aimed at protecting the seas around this popular Balearic island.

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