Dominique Afacan

Dominique Afacan

She might have arrived relatively late to the yachting world, but Dominique Afacan, editor-in-chief of Superyacht Life, is making up for lost time. Over the last five years, she has raced at the St Barths Bucket, kissed the America’s Cup in Bermuda and even taken a polar plunge in Antarctica.

The thrill of the chase

By Dominique Afacan | 22 May 2024

How does it feel to be part of the race crew on board a superyacht? We speak to the pros who’ve helped owners win races and regattas everywhere from St Barths to New Zealand.


A life together at sea

By Dominique Afacan | 15 May 2024

The couple behind hit yachting YouTube channel NautiStyles talk about turning their passion into their trade.


Joanna Dunckley

By Dominique Afacan | 10 May 2024

Sea tutor Joanna Dunckley has been teaching on board superyachts for 15 years and is convinced that the best way to learn is at sea.


Jess Douglas

By Dominique Afacan | 29 April 2024

She started out drawing fishing boats in Lyme Regis and has ended up painting superyachts all over the world. The Yacht Artist shares her extraordinary journey.


Bianca Dunham

By Dominique Afacan | 16 April 2024

The superyacht nurse explains how her love for the environment led her to working on board eco-yacht Black Pearl and with conservation society Sea Shepherd.


A day in the life of a naval architect

By Dominique Afacan | 9 April 2024

Mark Leslie-Miller of Dykstra explains how his dual passions for technology and sailing make naval architecture the perfect career for him.


A helping hand for a more eco-aware crew

By Dominique Afacan | 2 April 2024

The release of new groundbreaking guidelines aim to assist superyacht crew in making the best decisions on board.


A zero fossil fuel superyacht

By Dominique Afacan | 18 March 2024

Foundation Zero is driving the development of Zero, a groundbreaking superyacht aiming to be entirely fossil fuel-free. Led by a diverse team of experts, the project explores innovative solutions like hydrogeneration and thermal batteries. Scheduled for delivery in 2025, Zero sets a new standard for sustainable luxury yachting.


Matthijs Rhee aka MrSuperyachts

By Dominique Afacan | 13 March 2024

Matthijs, one of the superyachting world’s most recognised faces, shares his passion for inspiring others through social media, shedding light on the motivation behind his dedicated career.

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