The human side of yacht ownership

By Charlotte Thomas | 29 August 2023

How would you characterise the typical yacht owner? Whatever you may have been led to believe, the truth is simple: for most, it’s about using their yachts for precious family time, and for many it’s also about using their yachts for good.


Emmanuel Akintunde

By Charlotte Thomas | 24 August 2023

Few experiences can be as special as having a true A-lister artist or DJ perform on your yacht, but for one key agency the idea of talent and superyachts goes beyond just entertainment.


A superyacht odyssey

By Charlotte Thomas | 16 August 2023

Superyachts offer the ability to see sights in the remotest corners of the world with no specific itinerary but what you set yourself – but they can also reveal wonders in places far closer to home.


The art of building dreams

By Charlotte Thomas | 10 August 2023

When a superyacht owner’s search for the perfect dayboat drew a blank, he designed and built his own to his own exacting standards – and soon realised that other superyacht owners might also appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship.


The French Connection

By Charlotte Thomas | 26 July 2023

For most owners and charterers, yachting is not about being seen but about seeing family and friends and making private memories – it’s a journey of experiences that is reflected in the lives of those who work in the industry too.


Kim Vibe-Petersen

By Julia Zaltzman | 20 July 2023

Sometimes the salt in our veins comes from unknown sources – and for coffee entrepreneur Kim Vibe-Petersen, being bitten by the sailing bug has led to an enduring passion for the superyacht sailing good life.


Embracing the human essence of yachting

By Charlotte Thomas | 18 July 2023

It’s not the yachts that make yachting, it’s the people. Superyacht Life, in collaboration with the Monaco Yacht Show, is set to celebrate the human side of yachting with The Honours, an event that acknowledges exceptional contributions to the industry's advancement.


Yachts on a mission

By Charlotte Thomas | 13 July 2023

Ocean conservation is key for many yacht owners, and a new data-gathering programme is helping owners, guests and crews not only get involved but also find new purpose for their time on the water.


Easing the transition

By Charlotte Thomas | 5 July 2023

While yachting is pioneering new propulsion technologies in the marine sector, it is also looking at how current sustainable solutions can be applied to accelerate the fossil-free transition.

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