#humansofyachting – Begoña Amegual

Begoña Amegual


#humansofyachting – Begoña Amegual

Begoña Amegual, CEO of Pure Salt Luxury Hotels, including Pure Salt Port Adriano, talks about the appeal of Mallorca for yachting.

By Dominique Afacan | 19 October 2017

“Lots of the biggest yachts in the world come to Mallorca to sail, especially since the renovation of Port Adriano. Many of the guests we have at the hotel are on the island specifically to buy a boat; others have finished a charter trip and are combining the trip with a few days on land. There are 24 golf courses in Mallorca and lots of them are close to our hotel, so that’s another draw.

Obviously a lot has changed with the development of Port Adriano but the spirit of the place is still the same. The old part of the marina is still there for smaller boats and fishermen but the renovation has bought with it a lot of new life, too. There are some fantastic restaurants here now, including Harbour GrillBruno and Sansibar – they do very well.

I’ve been sailing since I was 15 – now I’m 44 and I still love it. I used to charter, together with my husband and our four daughters but we have just bought our first yacht – this was our first summer on it. We don’t have loads of time, so we haven’t had the chance to sail right around Mallorca but we’ll sometimes take the yacht overnight to Caprera which is amazing. We recently sailed to Formentera for a couple of days too, which was fantastic.”

#humansofyachting – Begoña Amegual

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