Today’s ice-breaking superyachts are advanced enough to safely explore the most isolated destinations on earth – music to the ears of increasingly adventurous owners and charter guests. EYOS Expeditions focuses on leading these rugged superyachts on epic voyages to the world’s most remote and wild regions. Ben Lyons, the company's CEO, talks through some of the highlights from a recent trip to Antarctica, on board Hanse Explorer.

“Antarctica has an ability to bring out the kid in you. Maybe it’s just the thrill of being somewhere totally foreign to anywhere you’ve ever been, or perhaps it’s the innocent interactions with the animals. Whatever it is, you may find yourself rediscovering your inner child; having impromptu snowball fights between Zodiacs or taking the opportunity to slide gleefully down a glacier on your back.”

“There is a majesty and grandeur to Antarctica, but to really know the continent, you need to experience it on an intimate level. Take to kayaks and paddle around icebergs, watching as penguins waddle nearby. Even with no previous kayaking experience, you’ll be comfortable on the water, able to take in the profound stillness.”

“Your expedition guide will be integral to your Antarctic experience. They’ll lead you ashore amidst teeming penguin colonies, plan your daily activities, spot wildlife and know just the right moment to interrupt dinner for an impromptu encounter with humpback whales.”

“While you may only visit Antarctica for 10 days, some scientists live there for months on end. Visiting a research base and learning about the important work that is carried out in Antarctica introduces you to another facet of life on this harsh continent.”

“Everyone comes to Antarctica wanting to see a penguin; nobody comes away disappointed. On some landings, you’ll be joined by tens of thousands of raucous birds, flapping and waddling away, as they walk right by you without a care in the world.”

“Expeditions are naturally convivial— as real camaraderie and spirits form around the group. Meals dissolve into laughing fits, and out on deck, a shared appreciation for these unique moments bonds everyone in a way that a more conventional itinerary can’t.”

“Most come away from Antarctica in awe of the ice they encounter. Towering blocks that stretch for miles, or jagged spires that spring from the sea, the ice comes in an astounding, and mesmerising mix of colours, shapes and textures.”

“Humpback whales thrive in Antarctica and memorable encounters are virtually guaranteed. A private yacht allows the opportunity to spontaneously jump into a Zodiac and witness these 40 tonne animals up close.”

“A never-ending reel of staggering scenery sails past; the bow of your yacht becomes a natural congregating point to soak in the sun and watch the ice slide past. Sunny days in Antarctica are surprisingly warm.”

“With its lingering days and short evenings, sunsets can stretch for hours and produce an astonishing spectrum of colours. On a soft, still night, a certain stillness takes hold and the snowy mountains reflect the shifting colours of the sun.”

“The humble Zodiac will be your vessel of choice when going ashore in Antarctica. Virtually indestructible, it will run you up onto the shore for landings or push through ice as you look for hauled out seals.”
Dominique Afacan
Dominique Afacan
Dominique writes about all things luxury for, Condé Nast Traveller, Boat International and many more. Since joining the superyachting world, she's raced at the St Barths Bucket, kissed the America's Cup in Bermuda and taken a polar plunge in Antarctica.