Kelvin Murray of EYOS Expeditions recalls a recent adventure on board Hanse Explorer.

"I was on board the Hanse Explorer earlier this year, sailing around Spitsbergen, the main island of the archipelago of Svalbard, which is about 600 nautical miles from the North Pole. Looking around for polar bears in the regular spots where they usually hunt along the shore was proving fruitless – but then again, the ice situation was unusual; in the previous few weeks the sea ice had receded and, we assume, took a lot of bears with it. There was even a whale carcass washed up in one spot that normally attracts a lot of bears, but there was nothing even around that.

“When you’re looking for polar bears you’re not looking for white, you’re looking for cream or the colour of vanilla ice cream.”

EYOS Expeditions accompanies superyachts to the most remote regions on earth.

Dominique Afacan
Dominique Afacan
Dominique writes about all things luxury for, South China Morning Post, Billionaire, Boat International and many more. After a five-year stint living over in Hong Kong, she decided to swap junks in the South China Sea for river boats in Putney. Three years into her London adventure, she's already found time to slot in trips to race at the St Barths Bucket, sink tequila shots at the Monaco Yacht Show and kiss the America’s Cup in Bermuda. Earlier this year she took a polar plunge in Antarctica, a chilly but invigorating career highlight.