Julia Zaltzman

Julia Zaltzman

Julia Zaltzman is a luxury lifestyle journalist specialising in yachting, travel and property. She is regularly published in high-end international publications, including RobbReport, Centurion American Express and Emirates Airline’s first and business class offering, Portfolio. She is the Editor of SuperYacht Industry, and Yachting & Property Editor of Simply Abu Dhabi.

Yachting: it’s a family affair

By Julia Zaltzman | 17 October 2019

Two owners explain why a superyachting holiday is perfect with kids in tow.


The mountains of the Kuril Islands

By Julia Zaltzman | 19 September 2019

A superyacht expedition to this volcanic archipelago is bound to break new territory.


A relief run in Thailand

By Julia Zaltzman | 12 July 2019

How superyacht Talisman Maiton stepped in to offer support to Thailand’s indigenous Moken people.


Heritage, history and hidden bays in Malta

By Julia Zaltzman | 14 June 2019

It might be a diversion from the typical Mediterranean milk run, but that’s all part of Malta’s low-key charm.


Twelve months of adventure and exploration by superyacht

By Julia Zaltzman | 13 May 2019

Captain Scott on his highlights so far on Gayle Force’s epic voyage.

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