Charlotte Thomas

Charlotte Thomas

Charlotte has been a passionate sailor since before she could walk, and subsequently has faced the horrors of a naval architecture degree and such dubious delights as racing through the Southern Ocean. Her highlights, however, have all involved superyachts, exotic locations and a plentiful supply of rum. A former editor of Boat International magazine, she is currently technical editor at The Superyacht Report.

Zero to hero

By Charlotte Thomas | 14 September 2021

Advancing technology and growing environmental consciousness are combining to drive change in all aspects of our lives and, as recent projects show, superyachts may well turn out to be in the vanguard of this evolution.


The heart of the yachting community

By Charlotte Thomas | 24 August 2021

The idea of ‘giving back’ doesn’t just mean contributing to big-ticket ocean conservation projects, as important as they are. Indeed, a surprising number of yacht owners and crews are quietly making a big difference in a lot of little ways.


Superyachts: the bigger economic picture

By Charlotte Thomas | 20 July 2021

When a new superyacht is commissioned, it opens up possibilities and opportunities for tens of thousands of people – and in some cases – entire communities.


The Great Escape

By Charlotte Thomas | 12 June 2021

The idea of carpe diem – seizing the day – has never had more resonance. It is perhaps one reason for a growing boom in yacht sales as people look to embrace the sheer pleasure of being on the ocean after a torrid year.


The enduring appeal of the classic yacht

By Charlotte Thomas | 26 August 2019

Classic yachts still draw a large number of owners to their charms and quirks. What is it about these historic craft that appeals so strongly to our inner Onassis?


The hidden value of superyachts

By Charlotte Thomas | 5 April 2019

It’s common to see the price of yachts placed front and centre, but the true value of a superyacht should not be measured purely by what it cost.


A superyacht with sustainable intentions

By Charlotte Thomas | 27 November 2018

Designed to run on hydrogen fuel cells and part of a wider strategy to make superyachting more sustainable.


The innovations helping superyachts get greener

By Charlotte Thomas | 17 July 2018

A shift toward environmental responsibility is making its way into superyachting. What technological shifts are enabling yachts to clean up their image?

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